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How I earn Zero Dollars on Medium

But I learn a lot and earn kilos of goodwill on Medium

Karmeish Ghosh


Medium won’t pay Indian writers because Stripe doesn’t support India but Medium will take Indian members’ money because they have all the payment options supported.

Does it make sense?

I don’t want to fight Medium over this and also I don’t want to find a hack to get some friend’s Stripe account to circumvent this situation.

Been a fan of Medium for the last 4 years and I finally bought the paid subscription some months back.

Medium is like being locked inside a room filled with the best and brilliant minds.

Learnt a lot about writing from Tim Denning Sean Kernan Michael Leonard.

Love the actionable stuff written for entrepreneurship at The Startup Magazine The Post-Grad Survival Guide The Side Hustle Profit

Absolutely mind blowing and cold-water-in-your-face marketing and SEO articles at BetterMarketing Tim Soulo (CMO @ Ahrefs)

Money blogs from David O. are inspiring and full of values. I love his hustle and discipline.

With all this goodness coming out of Medium, I built a Karmic system to give everyone a small gift whenever I read their posts.

#1. I tweet the headline of all the posts that I read

I loved this piece from Ilya Galushin on startup pitch decks and he appreciated me on my LinkedIn account with a thank you note.

It shows we are not content churners, we are humans.

So, if I have read your blog, please check twitter, you would find me tweeting your blog.

#2. I tweet an interesting section from within the blog

So that makes 2 tweets for every blog post I read.

#3. I highlight at least 3 important takeaways from the blog

#4. I respond to either something really valuable or maybe I didn't agree with the writer

Like these 3 words I wrote for Sean Kernan and I got 60 claps! Huh?

Like I didn't agree with Richie Crowley about YouTube and he responded back here

#5. I give at least 10 claps

Some detailed blogs with proper walk throughs and insights get 50 claps from me.

I clap freely because every content creator lives for some appreciation at the end of the day.

Like for Sinem Günel who wrote about money and abundance I clapped the hell and responded to her as well.

#6. I follow interesting people who clapped for my favorite blogs

I scan through some of the followers and if I find them interesting, I would follow them with zero expectations.

Well, I am not a Medium guru but I won’t deny that reading blogs about people making 5 and 6 figures off Medium doesn’t make me jealous.

This is an interesting platform where I can learn about anything and the least I can do is show my appreciation wit the 6 steps mentioned above.



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