Can I crowdsource Ideas on How to Quit my job?

Karmeish Ghosh
1 min readMay 18, 2023


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This is not going to be your typical Medium post..

I have done whatever a guy in his 40s should have done for the last couple of decades — go to a decent college, get a job, be good at it, grow, work in the best of places, keep growing..

Whats the problem then?


As life keeps fleeting away, I realised that I gave away a substantial portion of it to companies for a wage.

The time that I could have used for myself.

With bills to be paid each month, social obligations, a feeling of “getting stuck forever” keeps creeping in each moment.

When I see on Medium, people doing their own thing, the feeling gets worsened.

Need help

Am I alone here, with this feeling?

Medium is filled with amazing people doing amazing things.

Please help me in suggesting steps that I should take right away to break away from this feeling, quit my job and do my own thing.

Please don’t judge me, yet.

Direct me to Medium articles, Youtube Videos, Blogs, anything is fine by me.

Gratitude in advance

Thank you if you read this and decide to help me out.



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