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7 Reasons Why Women Make Great Consultants

Karmeish Ghosh
5 min readJul 18, 2020

I run India’s largest women-only back office..

Side consulting business is a trend that won’t fade away despite it’s fierce competition to a monotonous 9 to 5 job and thus patches the cliche by birth in a woman’s armor.

From increasing worth of a company, advising for better reach, enhancing collaboration, to decreasing client burnout, and inspiring with darn dedication; women have certainly nailed every workplace with due perfection.

History has witnessed such valuable women now and then, and it’s well-versed documented.

Despite the immense pressure of omitting the gender gap with an increase in GDP by an estimated average of 35%, women have outperformed in men-dominant fields. Although, after a steep rise in career, women face dangers gaping from the future including maternity leaves or getting involved in family dramas.

You as a woman could be more educated in contrast to your male peers, negotiating salaries at similar rates but getting dumped when you need support; so, why not push your walls to become female leaders.

I agree with you Jessica Valenti. Agree that men have destroyed more careers than kids.



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