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7 Reasons Why Women Make Great Consultants

Karmeish Ghosh
5 min readJul 18, 2020


I run India’s largest women-only back office..

Side consulting business is a trend that won’t fade away despite it’s fierce competition to a monotonous 9 to 5 job and thus patches the cliche by birth in a woman’s armor.

From increasing worth of a company, advising for better reach, enhancing collaboration, to decreasing client burnout, and inspiring with darn dedication; women have certainly nailed every workplace with due perfection.

History has witnessed such valuable women now and then, and it’s well-versed documented.

Despite the immense pressure of omitting the gender gap with an increase in GDP by an estimated average of 35%, women have outperformed in men-dominant fields. Although, after a steep rise in career, women face dangers gaping from the future including maternity leaves or getting involved in family dramas.

You as a woman could be more educated in contrast to your male peers, negotiating salaries at similar rates but getting dumped when you need support; so, why not push your walls to become female leaders.

I agree with you Jessica Valenti. Agree that men have destroyed more careers than kids.

You may have made significant strides in career still, a great space holds a need of commencing your venture in management and leadership roles including, consulting business.

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How to be a consultant?

Let’s understand the consulting job first, where you are in to provide thrilling ideas, proposals, sometimes even methodology and instructions to implement your vision. You work for the vertical reach of your company or client. It’s you who offers solutions to persisting issues, ideas to improve, and persuade action from clients, to showcase progressions that earn ROI.

Does it require exceptional skillset?

No, not at all, merely your past work experience stitched to your conversing ability to keep people engaged and provide brainstorming ideas is all you need. You don’t require years of sweat to earn this title. This defines it as a gold mine for women who feel doomed…



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