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5 absolutely bold ways to revive sales

Let COVID 19 be not a perpetual excuse

Karmeish Ghosh
4 min readJun 29, 2020

If eighty percent of your sales come from twenty percent of all of your items, just carry those twenty percent. Henry Kissinger

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Every business owner, sales guy, retailers, small business owners, large enterprises in each part of the world is busy either drawing up strategies or picking up the remains from this carnage.

In India, its a long battle ahead, looking at the COVID numbers but there are those green sprouts of revival in the economy, at least that’s what our media tells us.

Unfortunately, I have seen it all in my own company — business shutdown, job losses, salary cuts, and corona infections.

I run an outsourcing firm that employs women from rural India and it pains my heart to see that some of them might have to lose their livelihoods today.

There is a difference between being “emotional” and “using emotions” to fuel up a charge against the enemy.

Sales, is the cure, said Mark Cuban

..and I can’t agree any further with him.

Boost your sales numbers, boost your business, your local economy, create jobs, and eventually, bring in some amount of happiness.

My top sales revival strategies for post-COVID

#1. Over-deliver to your existing customers

When times are good, we take those small little liberties with our good paying customers, cut some corners in delivery but the stakes are so high that neither of the party wants to get rid of the relationship.

During duress, your strong bonds will help you not only make the customer sticky but open up doors for more business.

Some of our long term customers are wanting price cuts on existing contracts, which is fairly understandable, but as a good negotiator, I always ask for more business or more referrals in return for price cuts.

It's working.

We have been introduced to new connections and additional projects that were stalled pre-March.



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