36 and Retired

The trick lies in choosing One Path

Karmeish Ghosh
4 min readJul 4, 2023
Photo by Oswald Elsaboath on Unsplash

Michael Quan was only 36 when he resigned. Today, the dad of two from San Diego is 46 and carrying on with an existence fitting his personal preference, having accomplished his objective of monetary freedom.

“The objective wasn’t really to resign early. It was to truly arrive at a position of monetary freedom or independence from the rat race where I didn’t need to work for cash, where I could eventually pick how I need to manage my time,” Quan told Great Morning America.

To accomplish his objective, Quan began effective money management when he was 26, figuring out how to make automated revenue from his uncles who had business and land speculations.

“I was like, ‘Guess what? That is perfect. You get to zero in on the main thing to you most and you become very purposeful with your life,’” Quan said he thought at that point.


Quan embraced the F.I.R.E. strategy, another way to say “Monetary Autonomy, Resign Early,” and started forcefully saving his compensation. He began money management right on time, in his 20s, before he wedded and had kids. He was additionally tenacious and…



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